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All About Belfast

Thinking of visiting Belfast or Northern Ireland? Then why not use our essential Belfast Guide to help plan out your holiday. Our wee city is world famous for its Maritime Heritage including RMS Titanic and attracts world class film and television, the most famous being Game of Thrones. The City continues to undergo massive regeneration and if you haven't visited in a while, you'll really notice the changes. The new Titanic Belfast musuem competes for dominance on the city's skyline with the world famous Harland & Wolff shipyard cranes Samson & Goliath. Our City Guide will help you make the most of your visit presenting you with details on Belfast's top attractions, its maritime past, museums, theatres, and markets. The guide can also help you with travel around the city.

Belfast is one of the friendliest cities in the world and if you plan your visit well you will find great hotel deals, great restaurant experiences, days full of things to do both paid and free.

Did you know that Belfast is the birth place of world famous actors, sportmen, artists and musicians such as Kenneth Branagh, Nathan Connolly from Snow Patrol, James Galway, Sir John Lavery, Van Morisson, C.S. Lewis and Jamie Dornan who was born close by in Holywood. Football legend George Best was born in the city, along with fellow football player Danny Blanchflower, Norman Whiteside and born just outside the city in Killyleagh, David Healy. Boxing Champions Carl Frampton, Wayne McCullough and Ray Close are also famous sons. The Hurricane, Alex higgins former world snooker champion is also from these parts, as was comedian Frank Carson and the singer Ruby Murray, made more famous by Del Boy who used her name as rhyming slang for curry. Television presenter Eamonn Holmes, comedian Roy Walker, international journalist John Irvine, Radio 5 Live presenter Stephen Nolan and local TV favourite Julian Simmons where all born right here!

So, enjoy our essential guide and your visit to one great city. At the end of your trip why not email us, your experiences and photos for their potential publication in our magazines and on our sites!

Where Is Belfast?
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Latest Albums & Belfast Photos

From its culture to its history, from its festivals to its people, Belfast is one Great City and we have the photos to prove it! So, whether you're visiting the city, looking for inspiration or just checking out the best places and attractions to visit, our photo albums are a great place to start.

The city is historically known for its linen industry and shipbuilding. In 2012 the city marked the centenary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic by opening a remembrance garden at City Hall and the now world famous visitor attraction Titanic Belfast, located in the city's Titanic Quarter alongside the SS Nomadic. The maritime history of the city is everywhere from its famous Harland & Wolff cranes Samson & Goliath to city centre masks marking the building of just some of its most famous ships. Whilst its shipbuilding days are over for the moment, Belfast is still used for major ship repairs and refurbishments. It remains to this day a business port and in recent years has become a major tourist attraction with many cruise ships dropping anchor each year. The city has a fast growing television and film industry which uses Northern Ireland's fabulous scenery, coasts and castles as backdrops. Visitors to the city can enjoy a variety of things to do, from street exhibitions celebrating NI's links to Game of Thrones, to free indoor exhibitions and tours at City Hall & Parliament Buildings, Stormont. For avid photographers there are great views of Belfast and its skyline from the surrounding hills or the viewing dome at the Victoria Square Shopping Centre. In fact one of our photo albums has great cityscape views taken from the top of the H&W cranes Samson & Goliath. Throughout the year there are a host of activities you can take part in or watch. You can enjoy the city's marathon, its continental markets, its maritime events and its many festivals.

Before you go! We would love to publish your photos of Belfast along side your experiences and stories. So, if you have photos old or new, printed or in digital format email us, we'd love to speak with you! Oh, and if you have drone footage you'd like to share drop us an email!

If you want to explore more, simply visit our city guide, Click through on the images below if you would like to view these galleries or here to view our photo gallery index

Belfast City Hall Exhibition
Giro d'italia Belfast
Ballymacarrett 1st Presbyterian Church
Belfast Ship Building At H&W
Belfast Maritime Festival
Belfast Castle & Estate
Belfast Lough & Beaches
CS Lewis Square East Belfast