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Let's Go Through A Quick Check List For Your Booking
Step 1: Select which Edition of Simply Belfast suits you best
Step 2: Select the best size of ad for your budget
Step 3: Review our Discount Deals & Decide how many editions you ad should run in
Step 4: Decide whether you need help creating your ad
Step 5: LET'S BOOK: Call 07794 149 831

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Advert Design

If you need your advertisement created from scratch, contact us to discuss you needs, we may be able to tweak your existing ad for free. If you need your ad created from scratch we also offer ad design option starting from just £25.

If you already have artwork that you are happy with and are happy that it complies with our terms and conditions, Great! Simply ensure that it meets our design specifications and send it to us as soon as you can following your booking.

Important Booking Info

At time of booking, note down the copy deadline date
Send us your ad as soon as you can & not later than the copy deadline date
Send your ad in JPEG or in PDF format, with a minimum resolution of 300dpi
Make sure your ad is correctly sized and saved as CMYK for printing
Note we are unable to convert pdf files to CMYK
If you wish to submit your ad in a different format simply contact us
If you need help or advice with your ad contact us
All copy submitted by you is considered as already proofed unless otherwise stated
By booking you provide Simply Belfast the right to edit and/or resize your ad
You must hold all rights & permissions to publish your ad with us
Your ad must not infringe another's copyright or intellectual property rights
Remember to avail of discounts you must make payment on time
All ads are accepted subject to our terms, conditions and disclaimers

For great cost effective marketing and advertising soutions targeted at local residents and businesses it's hard to beat Simply Belfast magazines!

Frequently asked questions?

Can I pay as I go?

Yes, you can pay for a single ad, one at a time. However, if you want to benefit from our generous discounts this requires multiple bookings, but the good news is that you can pay for each ad monthly.

Does Simply Belfast offer discounts?

We not only offer great marketing solutions that are cost effective for your business but we also offer generous discounts, which are set out in our magazine rates and discount page.

Why does Simply Belfast recommend advertising across all its titles?

We don't recommend your advertise across all titles unless you will benefit from such a campaign. If your business provides products and services to the area covered by the magazine you wish to advertise in, then it pays to advertise. Otherwise, target your campaign to the needs of your business.

Why does Simply Belfast recommend advertising throughout the year?

We do recommend advertising to your market area all year round to build up brand awareness, so when our readers need a service, such as the one your offer, your business name is the first that comes to mind.

Why does Simply Belfast recommend full page advertising?

In short, bigger ads ensure that you have no on page competition, that you are able to set out your message more clearly and it is thought larger ads can reassure potential customers.

Can Simply Belfast assist with ad creation?

We would be happy to advise you on your ad and your message. Where possible we will do this for free. Where your ad will take a considerable time to pull together we do offer a paid design rate, please contact us, to see if we can assist you for free.

How can I create brand awareness for my business?

By advertising to your local market! Even Amazon and eBay advertise, its important to keep your brand and services in the minds of your potential customers. With Simply Belfast Magazines creating brand awarenss needn't break the bank, for we offer cost effective solutions all year round.

Will I receive a copy of the magazine?

You will be emailed a link to the online version of the magazine every month your ad appears. If you live within the distribution area of the magazine you should get a copy through your door!

I haven't advertised before, can you give me some gudance?

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us anytime Call 07794 149 831

Do you do leaflet distribution?

Sorry, no! Simply Belfast don't do leaflets

How do I book my Ad?

Simply ring Simply Belfast 07794 149 831

More Great Reasons To Advertise With Simply Belfast

 Great Rates
 Generous Discounts
 Reliable Distribution by Royal Mail
 Choice of Areas
 Flexible Bookings
 Great Shelf Life
 Locally Owned
 Engaging Content

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